Daniele Montenegro sensei

Daniele Montenegro was born in Turin on March 2, 1982 and began training Aikido at the age of 5 under Piero Villaverde sensei, currently 7th Dan Aikikai.

In 2000, after obtaining the rank of 1st Dan of the Aikikai Italy and of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo when he was 17, he starts following Yoji Fujimoto sensei, 8th Dan Aikikai, Shihan of the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.

In 2002 Fujimoto sensei bestows the rank of 2nd Dan on him.

In 2004 he moves to Milan to follow his sensei both in his dojo Aikikai Milano – Dojo Fujimoto and in his several workshops, held in Italy and worldwide.

In 2005 Fujimoto sensei bestows the rank of 3rd Dan on him and from then on he periodically goes to Japan to improve his knowledge of japanese culture and Aikido, practising at Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. In the same year he gets Fujimoto sensei's assistant, being involved in his international workshops both as an assistant and as a uke and taking part to several demonstrations.

After 20 years of practising and studying Aikido, in 2007 he begins his professional career in the role of sensei's assistant as well as instructor at Dojo Fujimoto. Also since 2007 on invitation he holding workshops in worldwide.

In 2010 he gets the rank of 4th Dan, bestowed by Fujimoto sensei.

In 2011, on Fujimoto sensei's suggestion, he opens his own dojo and founds the Aikido Montenegro Dojo.

In 2015 he gets by direct designation the rank of 5th Dan, bestowed by Hiroshi Tada sensei, 9th Dan Aikikai, Shihan of the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.

In 2021 Tada sensei bestows the rank of 6th Dan on him at the age of only 39 years old.

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